Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Finding The Right Slave Match Is Hard

I have been on a quest to find that perfect slave/ worshiper and I am discovering it is a lot harder than I expected. I am finding that these responders are just interested in getting fucked with no strings attached. They all start off claiming all they want to do is satisfy me, when in reality all they want is a horny chick to use a strap-on. I am becoming very uninterested in all of them. I can cum by myself and can't fuck anyone, trust me. But that's not what I am searching for. I need someone who is really there for me on all levels. And not just to get my attention. I'm going to only this search for a few weeks more, then I will go another route. If you are interested in making me feel special in and out of the bed I am willing to listen. Ciao for now.
P.S. I become a Bitch once I'm disappointed. So if you need a nasty mean Bitch as a Mistress that would not be me.

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